13-points to consider when hiring a WordPress Development Company

When it comes to the industry of Content Management Services, Wordpress is surely the leader in it. Changing some features or adding some articles and content frequently is a must if you are running a digital marketing agency. In order to this, it would be necessary for you to hire a Wordpress developer. There will be three types of candidates hoping for the position: Wordpress programmer, Wordpress designer and Wordpress developer. Hiring a developer will suggest configuring your website in order to customize it. To beautify your website, a designer…

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Woocommerce – Your trusted online store for 2018

A lot of people want to start their own business online, but are still skeptical to what platform they will use that can help them sell a lot and earn the highest profits and revenues. Well, we can’t blame you for that as there are so many ecommerce platforms to choose from, and one platform to consider is Wordpress. Wordpress is made for your blogs and personal websites but as it evolved through time, it has now unleashed its power to also be an online store using WooCommerce. Woocommerce is…

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Mistakes most companies make in PSD to WordPress conversions

Have you ever experienced importing design to code in the past? If you have so, you surely know that the process could be very messy and disastrous. Just like you, we also experienced it. And we are pretty sure we are not alone. A lot of other graphic artists and agencies have experienced it too. So it is the best if you are going to partner with is as we are very committed to do things the right way in our hands. There are at least 3 problems in connection…

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5 Ways to increase your WordPress Website SEO

For people who just had their brand new websites fresh from the oven, first thing they should be focused on doing is being more visible and get more leads. The site that is very appealing is useless if people cannot find it. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo doesn’t care about how pretty and well-designed your site is, all they are interested in are page title, alt tags, keywords, page descriptions and your content structure. "It is very important that you understand how these work, and structuring your website…

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4 Booster Benefits of a Custom WordPress Theme

Are you interested of using a customized theme for your Wordpress powered website? If yes, then having a custom themed website is very beneficial and effective for the success of your website. It is already 2017 for crying out loud, and in today's era, one does not only need to have a website but you also need to update it and keep it user friendly and well designed. "For those companies that don't follow suit might lose big time as 38% of consumers tend to be bored on a business…

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