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Why Gutenberg and what's the buzz about?

Gutenberg is the name of the new editor experience coming with WordPress 5.0, named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. Here's what is included:


Gutenberg Editor

A block template defined as a list of block items that have predefined attributes, placeholder content, and are static or dynamic.


React.js framework

A highly acclaimed JavaScript framework built by Facebook, useful in building User Interfaces that fit within a single-page application framework


Twenty Nineteen Theme

This clean-slate theme showcases how Gutenberg works in the real world - an aesthetically pleasing theme for bloggers & businesses


How WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg might affect your site

If you're a WordPress developer, designer or owner of a WordPress site, you're most likely to asking to yourselves: "What makes this WordPress 5.0 update different from the others? How will this affect my content? What should I do with my current WordPress sites?"

  • Gutenberg is not an optional feature but comes almost forcibly as part of the core WordPress 5.0 - unless you choose to defer the update and keep the classic editor instead.
  • Some plugins that have settings available on the post editing page may disappear, break, or have reduced functionality until they are updated for Gutenberg.
  • Potential difficulty of your current site content migration into the Gutenberg and comprehensively utilizing all the features it has to offer.
  • Lack of responsive column support and backwards compatibility with themes and plugins.

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