HTML To Wordpress

HTML code is the outdated infrastructure still behind much of the internet. Like old bridges and roads, it has a hard time coping with today’s burdens placed upon it and is badly in need of replacement for those with static HTML websites. With the help of our HTML to WordPress experts, you can change your HTML website structure into a dynamic and easy-to-edit WordPress theme, one that is able to cope with every demand placed by modern visitor expectations.

We begin by understanding what you like about your website and what you want redone so we can get to the work of moving it toward WordPress optimization. We will salvage the bones of your existing HTML website and adapt them for the WordPress theme. During this process we will also integrate the features that keep your website performing at the latest standards. When the translation is finished, your dynamic WordPress theme will be able to adapt your original content across different browsers and devices and edit it as much as you like with no coding required.


As WordPress experts, we offer consistency across all the services we offer. We ensure that your website is stitched tightly together with the best WordPress validated coding, optimized for viewing across multiple devices, and graphically effective. We fully test our finished design before handing over to you for inspection and remain open for any further requests once you’ve inspected your new theme. We do not stop until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Included in Our Services

  • Pixel Perfect Conversion
  • W3C Validated Markup
  • WordPress Validated Coding
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Site Speed Optimized
  • Complete Documentation for Site Edits
  • Retina Ready Display
  • Upgrade Ready
  • Fully Tested and Bug Free
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

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How We Convert Your Html To Wordpress


Gathering Information

You may be happy with the current look of your website, or you may want a complete overhaul. We will work with you to define the vision you have for your new and improved WordPress site.


We’ll Get to Restructuring

Your old website was static; we will make your new one responsive. This is a detailed process of wedding old and new files, formats, and folders into a neatly managed WordPress theme.


We’ll Get to Coding

HTMLis a static, difficult to change coding style that no longer suits today’s demands for constant content and responsive webpages.


Delivery on the Dot

All this takes a bit of time, but we are experienced at performing the operation in record time. A delivery date will be given to you right after we have evaluated your case.

HTML may have served you well in the past, but to have a truly responsive and easy-to-edit format you need it translated into a dynamic and fully functioning WordPress theme. We know how to bring the essence of your existing site into this better website architecture. Let us bring your site out of the past and into the future with a new life within a new WordPress theme.