Our crew is a mixed and talented bunch of passionate web developers, marketers, and graphic designers. Our drive for creating quality WordPress contributions to the internet shines through all of our efforts and all the details that make your corner of the world wide web a special corner indeed.

We love what we do, but more than that we love working with each other and you can be sure your project is in the hands of a truly tight-knit team. Here is your chance to know more about the WordPress experts team.

meet the experts

Let us introduce ourselves.

Subhash Mishra

Every team needs its glue, the person who sticks you all together through thick and thin. Subhash is ours. He’s been working in plugin customization for more than 6 years and brings the hunger he has for self-improvement and new knowledge to us, always pushing for the team to be as up to date and efficient as he is himself.

Team Leader

Kanika Jain

Kanika is a Delhi girl and our PHP expert for web development. She’s a born problem solver and views every day as an opportunity to learn and grow to take on ever more complex challenges. When she’s not building up her knowledge, she usually sits down to indulge in a good TV series (or two).

Sr. Wordpress Developer

Deepak Kumar

Deepak is our senior web developer and hidden master of codes in our office. Fluent in several coding languages, he powers through work like the body slams he loves in WWE. When not watching professional wrestling or delving into code, he is likely to be found hitting the gym to his favorite soundtrack.

Sr. Wordpress Developer

Sanjana Tomer

Sanjana is a self-admitted but friendly introvert. She opens like her favorite books when talking about music or singing with friends and loves new things, especially artistic ones. She brings this creative passion to coding too as she stiches together some solid bits of PHP and CSS.

Wordpress Developer

Pankaj Bharti

Pankaj can often be seen jamming to his favorite tunes as he snips away PSD files into his delicately crafted codes. He has fast earned a place as one of our top web developers through a mixture of caffeine and creative coding. When not writing the world’s next best line of code, his hunger for learning new things is expanding his mind, but not when he is plugged into his impressive video game collection.

Wordpress Developer

Neha Tyagi

Neha is an experienced Wordpress developer who writes code as eloquently as she writes her own poetry. She brings a rounded and balanced understanding to our team, encouraging them to believe in themselves and often repeating her favorite maxim to us: “If you can’t forget some things in life, make sure you don’t have time to remember them!”

Wordpress Developer

Bhuneswar Kumar

Kumar's job is to take our clients unique ideas and visions and bring them to life. He is passionate about design and brings a fresh and functional skill set to the team. In addition to design Kumar also helps with the early development of websites, creating wireframes and mock-ups, always keeping up to date with the latest trends in website design.

Web/Graphic Designer

Priyaranjan Rout

If you’re ever in need of an easy smile, Priyaranjan is your guy. His positive personality and upbeat hellos in the morning bring as much to our team spirit as his JavaScript expertise does to the solid UI we provide our clients. You’re always likely to find him with headphones on, as music is the passion that fuels his personality.

Wordpress Developer

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh is a man of letters and of sport. When not serving our clients with his years of email marketing experience you’re likely either to find him with his face buried in a book or newspaper, or on a football pitch kicking up some serious energy.

Email Marketing

Prasanta Kumar

Prasanta, is our in-house digital marketing expert with over 5 years of experience in the digital realm and a strong background in finance and computer science. Day to day, he’s the man responsible for growing businesses through sound sales and marketing and you’re likely to have a chat with him before the rest of us.

Digital Marketing Manager

Krishna Kumar

Krishna is our email marketing magician. When not absorbed by his addiction to online gaming, he does put down his headphones to pick up a microphone and sing his favorite tunes with friends. Though he can get lost in fun, he’s also our excel mastermind and keeps our marketing efforts on track and organized.

Email Marketing

Neetu Tiwary

Neetu is the HR rockstar that all of us count on so much. She came to us in 2016 and made an immediate impact with her skill in small size organizations, providing guidance in startup, growth and stable organizations. She tends to our every need so that our clients deal only with happy developers and designers.

Human Resource

Hi, and how are you?”from all those handling your project!