Plugin Development

One of the things that makes WordPress such a popular platform for websites is its ability to integrate plugins which increase the functionality of themes for their owners. We’ve done WordPress plugin development for many of our clients before and are happy to spare you the pains of coding your own custom plugin from scratch. We’ll actually enjoy it!

After we’ve learned the specific functions you need from a new or customized extension we will confirm with you the features to be built in your plugin and tell you what it will do to serve your site. We’ll hand the job over to our plugin developers to make and they’ll create one that satisfies all your particular needs beyond your regular WordPress theme. We’ll educate you on your new extension’s capabilities and from then on always feel free to let us know how it’s working for you post-delivery.


As WordPress experts, we offer consistency across all the services we offer. We ensure that your website is stitched tightly together with the best WordPress validated coding, optimized for viewing across multiple devices, and graphically effective. We fully test our finished design before handing over to you for inspection and remain open for any further requests once you’ve inspected your new theme. We do not stop until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Included in Our Services

  • Plugin Customization
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • WordPress Validated Coding
  • User Friendly Plugin Interface
  • Latest WordPress Compatible
  • Compatible With Multiple Themes
  • Complete Documentation for Use
  • Free Support for 30 Days
  • Fully Tested and Bug Free
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

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How We Build Your Custom Plugin


Gathering Information

Your needs are as unique as your business. We will listen intently to the functions you need to make your WordPress theme the best asset it can be.


We’ll Get to Coding

Whether it’s customizing for your specific needs or coding an entirely new plugin from scratch, we know the best snippets and coding architecture to build reliable extensions.


We’ll Test Your Plugin

After multiple iterations and tests, will arrive at the optimum preforming plugin for your needs and give it one final test it before making it available to you.


Delivery on the Dot

We have made and customized dozens of WordPress plugins. You can count on our delivery date for coordinating any future data or uses that will depend on your new WordPress plugin.

The WordPress platform is designed to be plugin friendly and for almost every feature they fail to bring to your needs there is a plugin at hand. We are experts at customizing existing ones for new demands and creating entirely new, custom plugins from scratch. Let us get to designing tailor-made WordPress extension that meets your specific needs.